December 6, 2023

New Canadian Alliance To Irradicate Aerosol Covid-19 From Concert Venues And Any Indoor Commercial Space

New Canadian Alliance To Irradicate Aerosol Covid-19 From Concert Venues And Any Indoor Commercial Space

BARRIE, ONTARIO FEBRUARY 24, 2021 - Impact Live, a leading Ontario based concert and event producer, has joined forces with Aerobiovac Canada, a company dedicated to unsurpassed indoor air quality, and together they are bringing relief to pandemic affected businesses including live performance and hospitality establishments.

Using patented technology, Aerobiovac systems can kill 100% of airborne pathogens, bacteria, and virus spores including Sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19). This claim is backed up by evidence gathered through documented and peer reviewed scientific studies including publication in the American Journal of Infection Control and validation at the Cleveland Clinic Medical Center. READ STUDY HERE

Both the ILLUVIA® and GermZone  systems have already been proven effective in the critical environment of major hospital surgical Operating Rooms.

Now, this breath of fresh air is within reach of local businesses that desperately want to return to serving and entertaining their customers. Live music performance is not like any other business. Audiences often connect emotionally with great performers on stage and that experience can quite literally change lives.

According to John Derlis, Principal Director of Impact Live, “Covid-19 and its lockdowns have not only decimated our industry, they have robbed concert lovers of the experiences they crave. The time has come to fight back. I’m confident that the action we are taking with Aerobiovac today, along with all of the measures that our public health professionals advise, live entertainment will safely return to venues.”

A key innovation that this partnership brings is a unique method to help venues acquire the Aerobiovac technology. Impact Live can work with venue operators to build the acquisition cost into event ticket prices. Since slowing and stopping virus transmission is in the public interest, the alliance of Impact Live and Aerobiovac is also exploring how Provincial and Federal governments may be able to help offset the installation cost. A submission has already been made to the Government of Ontario via the Ontario Together initiative.

One of the first venues to adopt this new technology will be downtown Barrie’s foremost concert facility Mavricks Music Hall. As well as providing the Aerobiovac systems, Impact Live will offer consulting and marketing support to the venue. The objective of this will be to promote the advantage of clean air to show goers. Great live music with clean purified air is sure to be a desirable combination that will accelerate the safe comeback of appreciative fans to Mavricks.

Aerobiovac has two distinct systems that can be deployed to purify and decontaminate indoor air. The ILLUVIA® HEPA-Ultraviolet Air Recirculation System is intended for high volume environments and produces a non-turbulent flow that utilizes a patented C-UVC chamber which irradicates pathogens in a single pass. The design prevents any external UV light emissions, so it is safe for use in occupied areas. The medical grade HEPA filter further clears the air of any particulate matter.

For smaller settings such as restaurants and bars, the GermZone Advanced Air Sanitization and Disinfection system also utilizes a shielded internal germicidal C-UVC chamber. This compact system can be wall mounted, unlike the larger floor mounted ILLUVIA® system. Both systems can be deployed in portable applications too.

According to Dr. David Kirschman, orthopedic specialist, designer and patent holder of the Aerobiovac systems, “The hardest place to kill a pathogen is inside the human body. If we can eliminate the danger in the air before it gets a chance to enter the body, the human and economic benefits are significant.”

“The medical-grade air disinfection systems ELIMINATE all airborne contaminants while current HVAC systems simply filter the air,” says Andy Kostopoulos, President of Extreme Air Systems. “Although many HEPA filtration systems are making similar claims, NO other air sanitization system in North America has been tested on live COVID-19 aerosols and clinically proven to eliminate 100% of airborne COVID-19 on a SINGLE pass.”

“Air quality management and getting all businesses back up and running safely with sustainable long-term confidence is our goal,” says Graham Brown, Director, Aerobiovac Canada

About Aerobiovac Canada Corp
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About Aerobiotix, Inc. 

AEROBIOTIX® is a global leader in air disinfection technology and a medical device company improving patient outcomes by transforming the physical environment of care. We utilize proprietary technologies to remove airborne microorganisms within acute environments and deliver measurable, data-driven, and peer- supported improvements to patient outcomes. Please visit us at

About Impact Live
IMPACT LIVE is a turnkey special events company with proven credentials and experience since 1985. Providing a comprehensive range of live event services, Impact Live is motivated by a desire to bring the joy of live music to patrons of all ages and musical tastes. By joining forces with Aerobiovac, Impact Live supports post-pandemic safety protocol planning for all businesses, specializing in the entertainment and hospitality industries.
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