October 21, 2021

IMPACT LIVE Announces The Kick-Off To Summer Concert w/ DEFAULT & Super Group CRASH KARMA Feat. EDWIN ~ 2 Great Shows For The Price Of 1

IMPACT LIVE Announces The Kick-Off To Summer Concert w/ DEFAULT & Super Group CRASH KARMA Feat. EDWIN ~ 2 Great Shows For The Price Of 1

BARRIE, ONTARIO. May 16/11 IMPACT LIVE announces the kick-off to summer concert June 3/11 with Vancouver based chart busters DEFAULT performing second in an incredibly complimentary double bill behind Canada’s next super group CRASH KARMA featuring EDWIN, along with past members from Our Lady Peace, The Tea Party, I Mother Earth and Zygote.  This incredible night of live music will be part of the ongoing Impact Live Hott Roxx Concert Series and celebrates the kick-off to Summer 2011 with the very low ticket price of $24.95 providing concert goers 2 Great Shows For The Price Of One!


For more info, the evenings song list and box office including Impact Lives’ newest “In Person” retail outlets; Wild Wing Alcona, Wild Wing Wasaga Beach and Barrie Harley-Davidson > CLICK HERE!



COMING SOON: DEFAULT, CRASH KARMA and ECONOLINE CRUSH. Plus as part of the Hott Roxx Concert Series, Impact Live will announce their next Barrie Molson Centre concert with official after party at The Roxx Concert Hall, stay tuned, or better yet join ImpactLive.ca to find out first about all Simcoe County concerts, festivals, & special events!   


ABOUT DEFAULT:  Four years is a long time between records, and the members of Default - Dallas Smith (vocals), Jeremy Hora (guitar), Dave Benedict (bass) and Danny Craig (drums) - know it. Comes and Goes, out September 29 through EMI Music Canada, was supposed to come out in the spring of 2008. But Default's former label, TVT Records, went bankrupt that February, and all their assets, including the rights to Comes and Goes (then titled Still Standing), were auctioned off to The Orchard, an online independent music distributor.  "It was a mixed bag of emotions," says bassist Dave Benedict. "It almost feels like you're reborn again and you're taking your first steps, and who's going to hold your hand to help you learn how to walk again?"

Default's career got off to a decidedly more auspicious start when they were, for lack of a better word, discovered by Nickelback's Chad Kroeger shortly after forming in Vancouver back in 1999. Kroeger's interest in their demo led him to lend his support to the production of their debut album. The Fallout (2001) boasted strong singles like 'Deny', 'Count On Me' and 'Wasting My Time', the latter of which was a hit at both Canadian and American radio. A Juno for Best New Group followed in 2002, and The Fallout was certified platinum (one million copies sold) in the States in 2003.

Default's subsequent albums, 2003's Elocation (nominated for a Best Rock Album Juno) and 2005's One Thing Remains, continued to refine the melodic rock sound of their debut, even as their approach got heavier and more aggressive. When the time came to record their fourth album, Default went back to producer Bob Marlette (Ozzy Osbourne, Shinedown), who had also helmed 2005's One Thing Remains. "He just took the band sonically to a good place," says Dallas. "He's really great to work with. I really enjoyed doing my vocal takes, and I thought he had really good suggestions where I should go with the vocals. I just thought all his ideas were great. It was just an easy fit. We knew what we were getting into and thought he brought good stuff out of the band."

Recorded in Los Angeles, Comes and Goes was mixed in December 2007, and everyone in the band felt, clichés aside, that they had topped themselves. "Right off the bat we knew this was a special album and that it came together exactly the way we wanted it to." Says Dallas, "We really believed in this record, and we knew it needed to see the light of day."

So Default held on. They toured weekends and spent much of 2008 cutting through the red tape that would get their music back into their own hands, eventually signing a deal with EMI Music Canada this past spring. The first taste of the new record (Comes and Goes), Default offered its still-devoted fan base was the rock single 'All Over Me', an up tempo celebration of (one-sided) true love marked by a catchy riff from Jeremy and an anthemic chorus voiced by Dallas. "We tried to get away from the bad relationship stuff," Dallas says of the band's direction on Comes and Goes. "There are a couple of very positive love songs on this record. There's one about my son," entitled 'Caught In The Moment'. "It's a song for him. Me and his mum divorced when he was really young. It's kind of a song for him to listen back to, and he can kind of see where my headspace was later on in his life." The second single, 'Little Too Late', is an epic ballad destined to inspire thousands of waving cell phones and cigarette lighters during the band's upcoming tours, which they prepared for by playing a number of Canadian festivals this summer, as well as a gig in May for US troops stationed in South Korea. "I really thought that trip brought the band together," says Dallas. "Because we'd been stagnate we really wanted something cool and different to happen for us. We just really got into being a band again. And I think that trip really saved us."

The members of Default are eager to take the songs of Comes and Goes directly to the fans that have flocked to their shows and bombarded their MySpace with comments, most of them expressing anticipation for new Default music.

ABOUT CRASH KARMA: The self-titled debut from Toronto’s Crash Karma - Edwin (I Mother Earth), drummer Jeff Burrows (The Tea Party), guitarist Mike Turner (Our Lady Peace) - is the result of three musicians with multi-platinum pedigrees coming together with one equally skilled musician, Amir Epstein (Zygote), in a curious "six-degrees of Amir" story.

The story begins when Amir, a prolific songwriter for the past 14 years, expressed to a friend a desire to co-write with Edwin. To his surprise, this friend had connections to Edwin and agreed to set up a meeting. On his way there, Amir decided on a bolder approach. "I thought it would be cool to start an actual band together, as Edwin is one of my favourite vocalists," Amir says. Edwin, though skeptical, said he’d think about it. "I did know immediately that I liked Amir’s positivity and energy," admits Edwin. Amir, knowing that he’d have to act fast in order to keep Edwin interested, suggested on the spur of the moment that Mike and Jeff should also be involved. Zygote had previously recorded in Turner’s Pocket Studio, so a quick call was placed to Mike. He was intrigued by the idea, but also non-committal. The final piece of the puzzle started to fall into place when Amir went to see Andy Curran, a Zygote album producer and currently at SRO Management (formerly management for The Tea Party). Amir suggested he was starting a new project with Mike and Ed and said Jeff was the perfect guy to complete the line-up. The rest, as they say, is history. "It’s funny that we all felt we were being asked as the last hold-out for the band," laughs Mike, looking back in hindsight.

The band finally came together in 2008 when Edwin was three albums into a successful solo career; Mike was running The Pocket Studio, as well as playing with the band Fair Ground; and Jeff, now an on-air host at CKUE The Rock in Windsor, Ontario, had the No. 1 midday show in his market, while still guesting on various drum sessions. Amir, the bass player and songwriter in the popular jam band, Zygote, had returned from law school in Australia and was working in criminal defense.

"A couple of months into the project, I realized that we really did have something here," says Edwin. "I could identify elements of all four of our previous bands but they were uniquely gelling to form a new sound. Whether it’s a subtle suggestion from the old bands or an obvious one, it worked and the combination sounded really good together. I guess I started getting excited then."

Interestingly, while Edwin, Mike and Jeff were all contributing songwriters in IME, OLP and TTP respectively, in Zygote Amir was the primary one. And that’s how this new band began. Amir, the one most excited and eager to make this work at the time, took some acoustic songs and ideas over to The Pocket. "They all brought what they do and contributed to these songs to make them that much better," Amir says.

Self-produced by Mike at The Pocket, Crash Karma is an all-out rock record with songs that are heavy, intricate, big, intense and melodic with a sound that can only result from the combination of these four guys with their respective history, chemistry and musical prowess. The 1st single "Awake" is a psychedelic, other-worldly percussive rock trip into a higher consciousness; "Fight" is an aggressive accusatory punch-up about reflection and perseverance; the mercurial "Next Life" hopes for a different outcome from the troubles of this life, while the acoustic ballad, "Lost" (featuring Ian Thornley), is sentimental and tender. The insistent rocker, "Man I Used To Be," is a reminder that the past only has value if you learn from it.

Crash Karma made its live debut in May 2009, playing Jeff’s annual 24-hour drum marathon charity event in Windsor. The set included songs from OLP and IME and gave the guys their first indication of how the band dynamic would work on stage.

Crash Karma has ended up with a fantastic album that will easily join the ranks of releases from their previous bands of which they are still proud. Crashing karmically indeed, the four have running jokes now and a camaraderie that came not just from their musical connection, but friendship.

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