April 4, 2020

Central Ontario's MUSIC Community Group

Welcome to the BARRIE MUSIC SCENE (BMS) group providing a FUN and informative community forum where All Bands, DJ's, Promoters, Venues, Event & Festival Goers can come together and share whatever MUSIC related ambitions they wish as long as they're respectful to members and abide by our policies;

1) If you are promoting an upcoming show or event, our members are happy to receive your information and consider attending/interacting (even moreso if you offer up some discounts on tickets or guest list), but please show courtesy and only post once you announce and a final time week of event, so twice max – Thanks!

2) Invite your friends to this community - It will have a lot of support behind it with many industry professionals and MUSIC LOVERS connected to it, but mostly it's great to see everyone caring enough to understand the importance of keeping our music scene not just alive, but thriving!

3) Also, if you're from other parts of Central Ontario - Feel free to share your music, band info or upcoming special events - It may help you connect with someone in Barrie that would be interested in having your band perform, receive an invitation to your event, or connect to your socials if they like what they see or hear?

Get involved in our community and watch it GROW, plus you never know when you just might WIN your way into our regions hottest Festivals, Clubs & Concerts in appreciation for supporting our BARRIE & AREA MUSIC SCENE!

CLICK HERE or BMS image above to JOIN!